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The George B. Weatherbee School is located in Hampden, Maine.  Our school houses grades 2 - 5. There are approximately three hundred students.

The Weatherbee School is part of RSU #22, which includes Hampden, Winterport, Newburgh, and Frankfort.

School Year Office Hours:
  7:30 a.m-3:30 p.m. daily

School Year Calendar Extended

Due to the unexpected number of snow days
this year, we have revised the school year
calendar. The school year will be extended by
two (2) days. As of now, RSU 22 students final
day of school will be Tuesday, June 16th
2015. Please mark your calendar.

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The Electronic Backpack is an easy way for
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programs, and events being promoted by
non-profit organizations in the community.
You will also find school related flyers
about events and programs.

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