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"Weatherbee School teaches to the edges."  
As we study and reflect upon how each individual child learns, we note that every child has an individual learning profile. As we customize our instruction, there is no longer an "average" child because we know the particular strengths and weaknesses that create the child's learning profile. For this reason, Weatherbee School is "Teaching to the edges" this year. We hope you enjoy this 18 minute Ted Talk video, The Myth of Average: Todd Rose, that beautifully explains the jagged learning profiles children have. 

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The George B. Weatherbee School is located in Hampden, Maine.  Our school houses grades 3 - 5. There are approximately three hundred students.

The Weatherbee School is part of RSU #22, which includes Hampden, Winterport, Newburgh, and Frankfort.

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  7:30 a.m-3:30 p.m. daily

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