What do School Counselors Do?

  • Implement core curriculum to all students at each grade level in the school in three domains: academic, behavioral and social/emotional.
  • Consult with families, teachers and administration to help meet the needs of the student
  • Manage small group counseling to fit the goals of a variety of students.
  • Meet individually with some students
  • Find resources and information for students, families and teachers
  • Collaborate with school faculty
  • Assist in handling a variety of emergencies (family, school, mental health, etc.)
  • Help create a positive school climate for all students to learn and grow

How do families access the school counselor to discuss or refer their child?

Get in touch with Mrs. Silknitter 207.862.3254, [email protected]

What can a I expect when they have an individual counseling session?

Discussing topics that the student wants to talk about
Setting goals
Reading stories or playing games that might help a student understand a situation more clearly
Creating and maintaining rapport

Trying to find a plan to better serve their child
Consultation and collaboration surrounding a specific event or issue