George B. Weatherbee NCLB Report 14-15

RSU #22 No Child Left Behind Annual Report Card to the Community September 2015

Each year our school district is required to provide district wide and individual school "report cards ". The reports are created by the Maine Department of Education and contain information from state-wide testing results for students in grades 3 - 8 and grade 11.

In each report you will find several pages of assessment data (with the exception of grades PK-2). The first pages will provide reading achievement scores by grade level followed by math progress made at each grade. At certain grade levels, science data will also be included in the school's results (grades 5, 8 and 11).

Following the mathematics assessment data page, are the accountability data for the school. The purpose of the accountability data is to provide information regarding a school's progress towards meeting proficiency.

The final page on each report provides "Maine Teacher Quality Data"for teachers employed in our school district. The data are broken down into 3 areas: 1) highest degree earned, 2) percentage of teachers within the school with emergency or conditional certificates, and 3) percentage of core academic classes taught by a teacher who is not considered "highly qualified"in the state of Maine.