Exciting announcement! Weatherbee has official obtained RAMP designation for our school counseling program. RAMP stands for "Recognized ASCA model Program." Learn more here.


Weatherbee School Counseling Vision Statement:
All students at Weatherbee School are strong, committed life-long learners and community members built by rigorous academic, social and emotional practices. Students at Weatherbee School are compassionate and emotionally intelligent. They demonstrate empathy, resilience, inclusiveness and multicultural awareness that allow them to be world-class leaders. Weatherbee students are well prepared to participate in equitable college, career and civic opportunities and ultimately to become leaders on a global scale and make positive and impactful changes in our future world.

Weatherbee School Counseling Mission Statement:

The mission of the Weatherbee school counseling program is to provide a safe, positive and challenging learning environment of respect and caring for all students. Students reach their individual potential and become lifelong learners who are self reliant, creative and responsible citizens. The Weatherbee School counseling program partners with staff, families and community members and uses data to provide equitable access to resources and success for all students in the academic, personal and social/emotional domains throughout their lives.


Maine Crisis Hotline: 1-888-568-1112